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Am I eligible to become a member? 

Anyone who meets eligibility requirements as outlined by the Bylaws of the chapter may become a member in good standing.  If you have questions about membership, please contact one of our  Board Members or you may contact us.   Also consider becoming a member of the American Payroll Association.  

How do I become a member? 

The first step in becoming a member is completing an application for membership and submitting it with your  dues.  The membership committee will notify you of your acceptance and you will be provided with a membership card.  If you are not accepted as a member, your payment will be returned to you.   You may complete an online application and pay using a credit card.  Or print the application form and return to the chapter with a check for your dues.  

Annual Dues: $50.00.     Membership is effective  for one year from the date of purchase.   

Please complete a new application each year when paying your annual dues.   

If information changes during the year, please contact one of the Board Members  so we may update our records.

Member Benefits

If you chose to print the application, please return it to the Treasurer with your dues or mail with payment to:

Greater Kansas City Chapter American Payroll Association

PO Box 2051

Mission, KS 66201

Make Checks Payable to: The Greater Kansas City Chapter American Payroll Association

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  Membership price:  $50.00

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